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  1. sallm

    24.01.2019 Updates

    1. Added Lava Virtus armour && Lava Virtus staff && Lava Spirit Shield && Lava wings (The Lava virtus staff is the best mage weapon ingame, Little worse than T4 mg, better than T3 MG 2. Added Referral codes for merk. When new players register and use merks code, they get a free Merk Video || Stream mbox 3. Added New Boss (INHB) - Located at @ ::inhb | This Boss drops The new Lava Virtus Items | NOTE: it has tons of hp. 4. Removed Tier 4 Box from slayer store 5. Added custom rewards to General Slayer master - When doing tasks, you now have a chance of getting a rare item (After finishing the task) chance is very low thought. 6. Added proper particle support, this has improved FPS by a little, and also is now allowing us to add particles to certain items. 7. Changed the tier 4 Box Model 8. Max and comp cape now has damage boosts! ( Max cape 20% more, and Comp cape 50% more damage! ) 9. Dragonix has been removed for now(The combatscript is being re-done and also the droptable/Location) it'll be hopefully be added soon - Same with Angry Pete 10. Anyone with 250h+ playtime, Now has a 10% droprate boost (This does not currently showup when using the drop rate info command thought) 11. Upgrader cow now has a headicon 12. Mewtwo pet has been removed due to bugs with it. Anyone who had it, can now exchange it for $50 Worth from the webstore. It might get added back soon. 13. General slayer masters shop is now called Custom Slayer Shop 14. Updated the client discord button link as the previous one was not working(mostlikely expired for some reason) 15. Removed Tier 3 warriors (Just for now, they will be added back in a better version) instead added the new INHB boss there ( ::inhb ) teleport. Another good news: There will now be more frequent updates, hopefully around 2 or 3 updates per week or even more!
  2. Gz Jonsadikuu & Kill Bill it will be Fun to see how you 2 guys go wish u all the best p.s Justin your'e still the Only Noob for me Gz buddy
  3. New boss - ::bloodchiller | This boss drops new ranged gear(Sirenic armour) - Which is a really decent range armour(2nd best ingame) and Animal bow(Super great range weapon - Droprate 1/1000 for the bow, and 1/150 for each sirenic piece. aswell aswell as champions token ( 1/150 ) Champions tokens can be used on upgrader cow to upgrade for a donator mystery box (50% chance) Pete boss now spawns automatically every hour. (Finally fixed ) - This boss drops to up to 5 people who do damage to it. Custom slayer tasks are now logged in your player panel. If you have 75 Tasks or more completed you get 30% more slayer points on task completion. If you have over 500, you get 100% more. We are giving everyone ranks in the forum, if you want to get your in-game rank transfered to forums, please message Merk your forums name and also in-game rank! also by Joining the discord u can pm merk there or any Staff Member to Message him on yr behalf
  4. hmm seems a bit less information Why should you be a staff member, what do you bring to the community? give Merk/Spitor something to mould over tell us your thoughts i am eager to see what u could Bring to Merkscape think about that question take some time to answer it, And i wish u all the Best of luck
  5. sallm

    Price Guide

    Egypt G sword still 300b+ Merk 1 is around 200-600mea Merk 3 Armour is More than 150b Cause harder to get pieces from rng
  6. any idea where to use the Keys lel
  7. posted it to merk on discord
  8. sallm

    Summoning Guide

    ya ik was only some examples as I said at the top
  9. sallm

    Summoning Guide

    What is summoning? Summoning is a skill that allows you to summon familiars that provide benefits in combat Each requires a certain number of spirit shards and charms to make How do you train it? To train summoning, you have to collect charms in order to make pouches Gathering charms Charms are dropped by almost any NPC on Merkscape One of the Best ways to get Charms is by doing Dust devils (requires 65 Slayer) using by Clicking the Star on yr mini map Then Select under Monsters Dust Devils Its recommended to have a Cannon for Best Charms per hour Aswell as Charming Imp so it Auto collects Charms you can Buy this at Home from the Vendors Once you have the charms you can use the summoning teleport through the skills tab and selecting the Summoning skill to Teleport there You can buy all the ingredients you'll need to train summoning from him Once you have the ingredients, click the "infuse pouch" option, At the obelisk then find and click the correct familiar. Using charms There's no one specific familiar to use your charms on, so i'll provide levels and items for certain charms (ALWAYS make the highest level pouch you can for each charm type) (there are Alot More Summoning Than what i have got listed here there are only some of the 1's you can Choose Check obelisk for full creatures) Gold Charms Level 1+: Spirit Wolf - Wolf Bones Level 4+: Dreadfowl - Raw Chicken Level 13+: Thorny Snail - Thin Snail Level 40+: Bull Ant - Marigolds Level 52+: Spirit Terrorbird - Raw Bird Meat Level 67+: War Tortoise - Tortoise Shell Level 71+: Arctic Bear - Polar Kebbit Fur Green Charms Level 18+: Desert Wyrm - Bucket of Sand Level 28+: Compost Mound - Compost Level 54+: Abyssal Parasite - Abyssal Charm Level 56+: Ibis - Harpoon Level 62+: Abyssal Lurker- Abyssal Charm Level 69+: Fruit bat - Banana Level 88+: Unicorn Stallion - Unicorn Horn Level 93+: Abyssal Titan- Abyssal Charm Crimson Charms Level 19+: Spirit Scoprion - Bronze Claws Level 22+: Spirit Tz-kih - Obsidian Charm Level 49+: Bloated Leech - Raw Beef Level 85+: Swamp Titan - Swamp Lizard Level 96+: Pack Yak - Yak-hide(must be collected from yaks) Blue Charms (Don't use until 70+) Level 23+: Albino Rat - Raw Rat Meat Level 55+: Spirit Jelly - Jug of Water Level 73+: Obsidian Golem - Obsidian Charm Level 79+: Fire/Ice/Moss titans - Fire/air+water/earth talismans(respectively) Level 83+: Lava titan - Obsidian Charm Level 89+: Geyser Titan - Water Talisman There are also 3 Achievements you can earn for doing summoning Infuse a Dread-foul Pouch 1/1 Infuse 25 Steel titans Infuse 500 Steel titans If theres anything else you need to Know Please let me know in game or on here Thanks for Reading hope it helps And Happy summoning
  10. sallm

    Merkscape Trivia

    Hey Guys and welcome to this Merkscape Trivia Guide For those who dont know What Trivia is During yr Game play Random Questions will appear in your chat log like this. When you see Questions apprear its time to test how fast you can answer them by using the Command ::answer Example in the picture ::answer Tokyo There is only 2 winners and its a Race to see who can Type the fastest you can check how many Trivia points you have by clicking on the Quest tab and looking under Player Statistics After you have saved up alot of Points head on Home by using ::home and then Head to the Building South of there you Teleported home Once there you will see a line of Vendors for each different Points Trivia/Shop assistant/Boss Point/skilling points/Prestige/Loyalty Going in order Left to Right Yellow ~ Trivia points Green ~ Shop assistant Red ~ Boss Points Purple ~ Skilling Points Orange ~ Prestige Points Pink ~ Loyalty Points Here in the Trivia points Shop u can Buy anything From 50 Points~1200 Points https://gyazo.com/d69989097218195585db9b39e2fc0daa Triva Questions and Answers All Questions will be in ~White~ all answers in ~Yellow~ What is the color of a 10m Money stack? Green Of these, Which requires the highest level to catch? Swordfish What Combat level is the Almighty Jad? 702 What is the biggest Manmade Structure on earth? The Great Wall What is a baby spider called? spiderling What is the Name of the New Firecape (RS3)? tokhaar-kal How many bars do you need to make a platebody? 5 How many Brothers are there originally in Runescape? 6 How many seconds dose it take for a item to disappear? 120 How much Exp do you need for Dundeonering 120 on Runescape 3? 104m What is the Name of the New Firecape (OSRS)? Infernal Cape How much Constitution dose a Pumkin heal? 140 How many bones in the human Body? 206 The More you take, the more you leave, who am i? Footsteps Which foodgives the Message:you eat the blank. Yuck it heals you some Hp points? Cabbage What do you receive when a fire disappears? Ashes What color of logs do u get if you use a blue firelighter on a log? Blue Varrock is the capital of which kingdom? Misthalin What level do you need to be able to farm Watermelon? 47 What is the Max Exp for a lvl 99 skill? 1b What is the Most Populated City on earth? Tokyo At what level can you purchase a skill cape at? 99 What is the largest state in the U.S.A? alaska Which area is most common for the notorious Player killing? Wilderness Which NPC is wearing a 2H-Sword and a Dragon SQ shield? vannaka When did it rain on sahara desert? 1979 What is the Worlds dealiset insect? mosquito Say noob noob Please say merkscape merkscape Say Noob123 noob123 What Rank is a silver Crown in Runescape? Moderator What Rank is a Gold Crown in Runescape? Administrator What has 4 legs but cant walk? A table What ammo dose Crystal bow use? none Dose Toxic blow pipe use any Scales? no ANAGRAMS A Bas saba A nsh hans Arc O Line Caroline mizaze zezima Bail Trims Brimstail A Zen She Zenesha raeldu durael Ace Match Elm cam the camel lod is owenam (dont worry about Extra o) Wise old Man Thank you Very Much for Reading/Using this Guide I will be constantly Updating this Guide apon New Questions/Answers when i see them. And good luck to all Happy Typing. Untill Next time,
  11. ya since other 1 isn't on here thought id bring it over from frimb since I asked the original owner winter and he said it was ok with him
  12. Clue Scroll Guide  Welcome to the clue scroll guide Befor I start a huge thanks to Winter for allowing me to Re-Post this guide from Frimbscape, home of all the information you need on completing clue scrolls, every npc in game almost can drop a clue scroll, you need a clue scroll and a spade in order to complete a clue scroll, you can buy a spade from Explorer Jack who is located at ::home. Here is all 9 different clues and their locations: Dig near the teleport to get chaotics Click the dungenoneering skill to be teleported to Daemonheim and dig in the following location: Dig somewhere near the duel arena teleport Click the magic spell book and select mini games and then duel arena, dig in the following location: Dig somewhere in the edgeville bank Type ::edge to get to edgeville and dig in the following location: Dig in the area you might see fisherman Click on the fishing skill to be teleported to the fishing area and dig in the following location: Dig near the fourth minigame teleport Click on the magic spell book, select mini games and then pest control, dig in the following location: Dig near the king of dragons Click the magic spell book, select boss teleports and then King black dragon, dig in the following location:  Dig near the mining guild teleport Click the mining skill and select the mining guild, dig in the following spot: Dig where players plant flowers Type ::gamble to be teleported to the gambling area at castlewars, dig in the following location: Dig near one of the slayer masters The slayer master in question is Vannaka, you can teleport to him by clicking the slayer skill and selecting teleport to master (only if he is your master), you can also get to him by clicking the magic spell book and selecting dungeon teleports, then select Edgeville dungeon run all the way north then east til you reach Vannaka, dig in the following location: Possible Rewards The possible rewards for completing clue scrolls vary from adamant pieces to third-age pieces here is the rewards from 250 clue scrolls Completed If you have any other Questions please feel free to Ask ingame or on here
  13. Kalphite Queen Mechanics Kalphite Queen has two phases, which requires you to use two combat styles to kill it First phase Use melee to kill the first phase since the Queen is praying against range and mage Keep melee protection on but flick prayer to range prayer every time you see the Queen stand up Second phase Use range or mage to kill the second phase, the Queen will be praying against melee Keep range protection up, flick prayer to mage when you see the Queen with lightning above her head Any other questions feel free to Pm me ingame or here happy to help sallm
  14. sallm

    Crafting Guide

    CRAFTING Crafting, provided you have the supplies, is one of the fastest 99s you can achieve here on Merkscape. All you will be doing is cutting gems, converting raw hides and creating shiny jewelry on your way to 99 Crafting - all of which can be done with very high experience rates per hour. Ok to start by Clicking Skills tab and selecting Crafting skill You will be teleported to the Flax field 1.) Required & Useful Items Chisel,Needle & Thread 2.) General Information There are several different ways you can train Crafting, all of which are "okay" paths to take. Hide contents To maximize efficiency on Merkscape you want to obtain 20 Crafting using this method. 1-7 ~ Leather Gloves 7-11 ~ Leather Boots 11-18 ~ Leather Vambs 18-20 ~ Leather Chaps After achieving 20 Crafting, move on to the next step - Efficient Method - found below. 3.) Efficient Method If you have the money, the most efficient way to train Crafting is by cutting gems (easier to obtain than hides). 20-27 ~ Uncut Sapphires 27-34 ~ Uncut Emeralds 34-43 ~ Uncut Rubies 43-55 ~ Uncut Diamonds 55-99 ~ Uncut Dragonstones Alternatively, if you're extremely rich, you could instead use: 72-99 ~ Uncut Onyxes The fastest way to train Crafting from 1 to 99 by far: If i have missed anything please feel free to leave a comment and ill correct it Sallm