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  1. In game name miksi ei Time zone +3 gmt Hours spent playing daily/weekly daily 10 hour+ Total hours played 418h Experience as staff on past servers/games? i have been in every staff postions what can be in rsps longest experience was zamorak rsps admin abaut year.. but staff i be 2-3 year on there.. most staff member positon what i have been on is mod-support sometime i have been admin-mod on forums. runescape game moderator 2007-2009 Why should you be a staff member, what do you bring to the community? like all of commynity know im oldest player in server.. so i got large knowedge abaut all from server (not prices but thats not staff job) im friendly. hard to get mad. i dont never use my right's when get mad. im so activite player. i love help players. i bring more safetly and help for commynity.. i take all case to person not just a player. that make easy do job's i bring my big knowedge for commynity and i want share it with all players! and learn new.
  2. Commands guide to boss's ::glod ::merkhounds :: dragonix ::Dhulk :: sagittare ::wrencher ::harlakk ::miniwrencher ::bork ::lexucis ::vetion - good money drop pernix ::icedemons ::horror team boss/ solo with good gear. ::arena ::necrolord (minigame boss) ::keyroom ::customwrencher- team boss ::minihounds for grinding :abbadon multi boss ::inhb (i never hit back most hp) for legendary donator's ::hw more add soon!
  3. deleted and re posted
  4. Official clan chats (Merkscape) - Only permitted language is english things that are meant for me to one person in a public chat for this purpose are private messages ^becouse keep yell chat clean
  5. there need add section's Communication Flaming, Harassment and Disrespect Flaming will not be tolerated within the help clan chat or over yell, any racist remarks or discrimination of any sort in any chat will be punishable also, continuous flaming or harassment could result in a punishment depending on the staff member(s) discretion. Disrespecting or harassing a staff member will not be tolerated, a staff member will be respective to the community and the same will be expected in return. Yell Chat & Help Clan Chat You are not allowed to flame, troll, flame-bait, discuss inappropriate topics or lure other players over yell. You aren't allowed to lure other players, use icons or troll in the help clan chat. Spamming Spamming will not be tolerated, acts of such feats will be acted upon accordingly by the staff members of merkscape. We should all be acting as mature as we can while on merkscape and respect others wishes as well, those who continue to do such feats will be removed from Pre-Scape if needed. Auto-typers are tolerated as long as there's at least 8 seconds delay. Impersonation Staff Impersonation Any player caught impersonating a member of the staff team will not be tolerated. Player Impersonation Any player caught impersonating another member will not be tolerated. Multi Logging Multi-logging in any minigame, boss, or at the Star location is against the rules. If caught, ALL rewards/drops earned will be removed from your account(s). Repeat offenders will be banned. Having multiple accounts in the Wilderness for any PvM/PvP purpose is also forbidden.

    Price Guide

    that guide need delete i made one long time ago. we dont need 2 guide's
  8. watching video u need click HERE
  9. fully agree and support this post! only hell no. copying is not good thing in scene
  10. we got there 1 price guide made it many many days ago..

    Summoning Guide

    great guide very helpful! keep it going
  12. gz for all promotions! crab u need some learn more
  13. dear commynity. ::keyroom boss is disabled few days until it work 100% i hope patience owners try solve disconnect proplem on f3 - proplems was sometime while teleporting away from floor 3 peoples get disconnect and lost items from inventory
  14. altars found from home ::home altars prayer change (curses/normal) using bones to this altar spell changes lunars ancients