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Updates 23th January 2019

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1. Added Lava Virtus armour && Lava Virtus staff && Lava Spirit Shield && Lava wings (The Lava virtus staff is the best mage weapon ingame, Little worse than T4 mg, better than T3 MG
2. Added Referral codes for merk. When new players register and use merks code, they get a free Merk Video || Stream mbox
3. Added New Boss (INHB) - Located at @ ::inhb | This Boss drops The new Lava Virtus Items | NOTE: it has tons of hp.
4. Removed Tier 4 Box from slayer store
5. Added custom rewards to General Slayer master - When doing tasks, you now have a chance of getting a rare item (After finishing the task) chance is very low thought.
6. Added proper particle support, this has improved FPS by a little, and also is now allowing us to add particles to certain items.
7. Changed the tier 4 Box Model
8. Max and comp cape now has damage boosts! ( Max cape 20% more, and Comp cape 50% more damage! )
9. Dragonix has been removed for now(The combatscript is being re-done and also the droptable/Location) it'll be hopefully be added soon - Same with Angry Pete
10. Anyone with 250h+ playtime, Now has a 10% droprate boost (This does not currently showup when using the drop rate info command thought)
11. Upgrader cow now has a headicon
12. Mewtwo pet has been removed due to bugs with it. Anyone who had it, can now exchange it for $50 Worth from the webstore. It might get added back soon.
13. General slayer masters shop is now called Custom Slayer Shop
14. Updated the client discord button link as the previous one was not working(mostlikely expired for some reason)
15. Removed Tier 3 warriors (Just for now, they will be added back in a better version) instead added the new INHB boss there ( ::inhb ) teleport.

Another good news: There will now be more frequent updates, hopefully around 2 or 3 updates per week or even more!

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