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24.01.2019 Updates

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  • 1. Added Lava Virtus armour && Lava Virtus staff && Lava Spirit Shield && Lava wings (The Lava virtus staff is the best mage weapon ingame, Little worse than T4 mg, better than T3 MG 2.
  • Added Referral codes for merk. When new players register and use merks code, they get a free Merk Video || Stream mbox 3.
  • Added New Boss (INHB) - Located at @ ::inhb | This Boss drops The new Lava Virtus Items | NOTE: it has tons of hp.
  • 4. Removed Tier 4 Box from slayer store
  • 5. Added custom rewards to General Slayer master - When doing tasks, you now have a chance of getting a rare item (After finishing the task) chance is very low thought.
  • 6. Added proper particle support, this has improved FPS by a little, and also is now allowing us to add particles to certain items.
  • 7. Changed the tier 4 Box Model
  • 8. Max and comp cape now has damage boosts! ( Max cape 20% more, and Comp cape 50% more damage! )
  • 9. Dragonix has been removed for now(The combatscript is being re-done and also the droptable/Location) it'll be hopefully be added soon - Same with Angry Pete
  • 10. Anyone with 250h+ playtime, Now has a 10% droprate boost (This does not currently showup when using the drop rate info command thought)
  • 11. Upgrader cow now has a headicon
  • 12. Mewtwo pet has been removed due to bugs with it. Anyone who had it, can now exchange it for $50 Worth from the webstore. It might get added back soon.
  • 13. General slayer masters shop is now called Custom Slayer Shop
  • 14. Updated the client discord button link as the previous one was not working(mostlikely expired for some reason)
  • 15. Removed Tier 3 warriors (Just for now, they will be added back in a better version) instead added the new INHB boss there ( ::inhb ) teleport. Another good news: There will now be more frequent updates, hopefully around 2 or 3 updates per week or even more!
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